Student Research Center Osnabrück

Support for the continuation and expansion of the Student Research Center (SFZ) Osnabrück


Getting to grips with technical and scientific issues or mathematics and computer science outside of school, tinkering with your own research ideas, attending a workshop or taking part in an academy: the Schüler-Forschungs-Zentrum (SFZ) Osnabrück offers all this and more to interested schoolchildren from the Osnabrück region.

As an extracurricular place of learning for curious and interested students of all school types, the focus is on the MINT area. MINT: that means mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. The SFZ Osnabrück is a non-profit association that was founded in 2008. In addition to various members of the association, the SFZ is intensively supported by foundations and in particular by the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and the University of Osnabrück. Starting in January 2019, the Friedel & Giesela Bohnenkamp Foundation will significantly support the development of the SFZ for four years.

What does the SFZ do?

The offers of the SFZ Osnabrück can be divided into weekly trainings as well as workshops and events. The trainings take place once a week during school hours and sometimes lead to national and international competitions. The topics covered include mobility, robotics, solar mobility, metal workshop, desire for chemistry and programming. The weekly training sessions are supplemented by workshops for class groups and AGs in the areas of technology, robotics and bionics, trips to competitions, SFZ on Tour (company visits), the MINT Summer Academy, the Osnabrück Autumn Academy and the Osnabrück Mathematics Olympiad.

Through the project and the funding from the Friedel & Giesela Bohnenkamp Foundation, there will be an expansion of offerings in various areas to the Osnabrück district in the coming years. In addition, new courses will be added to the range of topics. The topics should originate from the students' living environment and, on the one hand, take into account important and current scientific topics and, on the other hand, arouse interest among the target groups. Open research offers should provide the opportunity for the children and young people to work on their own project ideas with the support of coaches.

Who is involved in the SFZ?

At the SFZ, teachers, lecturers, volunteers and students are involved in supporting the pupils.

The target group of the SFZ Osnabrück are students from the city and district of Osnabrück. Participants must be motivated, interested and curious.

Why are the offers of the SFZ important?

The project gives the students a broader professional perspective. Through the practical offers, getting to know role models, participation in competitions, company excursions, etc., the participants get to know different professions and have the opportunity to find out what is interesting for them. Through the SFZ Osnabrück network, there is also direct contact with potential employers and the universities in Osnabrück.

Soft skills are also improved by participating in offerings from the SFZ Osnabrück. The children and young people work together as a team and experience improved self-confidence through the diverse activities. By fostering social and communication skills, the young researchers acquire competencies that will benefit them in any career path and provide a broader professional perspective.

The MINT activities of the Osnabrück region (initiatives, companies, schools, etc.) will gain a strong and active network partner through a continuation and expansion of the SFZ Osnabrück.

Where can I find more information about the SFZ?

An overview of the current range of topics as well as new dates and free places can be found on the SFZ website at

(Report of the project management)