Königsblau - The Writing Workshop 2018: "Going on a journey".

Hit the bull's eye with "royal blue

The Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation and its team put a lot of "royal blue" heart and soul into the development and implementation of this writing workshop. We didn't know where the journey would take us the first time around. Now, at the end of the journey, when we hold the printed excerpts of the participants' texts in our hands, we can say with a good feeling: The journey was worth it!

That the Bohnenkamp Foundation would one day offer its own writing workshop was not a foregone conclusion and has its own history. The foundation has repeatedly dealt with the topic of language in various projects. And one or the other writing workshop has also been part of our funding in the past. But in the discussion of all these sponsorships, it quickly became clear: If the Bohnenkamp Foundation conducts its own writing workshop, then it must develop its own charm. Many thoughts and ideas were exchanged about the topic and possible authors. The only important thing was: In the end, this must be more than "just" writing.

Every foundation is attracted to the new. It was largely due to the two travel companions, Dr. Marie-Luise Braun and Dennis Gastmann, that our "Königsblau" writing workshop, which dealt with the topic of "Going on a journey" the first time, hit the mark right away. hit the mark right away. With their versatile knowledge of the tools necessary for writing and their empathetic manner, they were able to pave the way for the authors to set out on their writing journeys into literary realms that were perhaps still unknown at first. In the end, everyone came out of the writing workshop strengthened and with new courage and self-confidence. The writing workshop of the Bohnenkamp Foundation is to become a reliable offer.

The plan is to have "Königsblau" take place every other year from now on, while in the years in between the publication with accompanying reading will be created. The aim is for each round to have its own thematic focus, based on the style of the guest author.

"Königsblau" will thus be continued. In the process, the writing workshop will certainly take one or the other turn, which cannot be guessed at the moment. Like all literary writing, it therefore remains a creative process in itself. So the foundation is looking forward to opening another, a new page of "Königsblau" soon. To be continued. The Foundation would not like to miss the "travel experiences" that lie behind us.

We would like to thank all those who accompanied "Königsblau - Die Schreibwerkstatt der Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp-Stiftung" during its first run. It may have been like a walk on the Way of St. James for each of the participants, each with their own goal and individual experiences, but "Königsblau" is always a collective endeavor. In the end, the words meet the readers. And then the self-written lines become even more. They change the world.

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The reading

On Saturday, March 23, 2019, all participants of our writing workshop were able to present their texts to an interested and enthusiastic audience at the Planetarium am Schölerberg in Osnabrück. Under the starry sky, we went on an inner and outer journey, on a journey through time and on a journey through relationships.

That's how it was!

The eleven participants in "Königsblau - Die Schreibwerkstatt der Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp-Stiftung" (King's Blue - The Writing Workshop of the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation) at the beginning of October tackled a wide range of topics. Under the title "Going on Journeys," they explored life on foreign planets in writing, dealt with the change of relationships over time, or even asked the question: What actually happens to us when nothing happens? With the support of writer Dennis Gastmann and journalist and author Dr. Marie-Luise Braun, they discussed in advance not only questions about good writing style, but also about suspense and atmosphere. They researched their topics at institutions and companies from Osnabrück and the surrounding area - and were thus able to convey their stories with facts. They also had plenty of time to write their short stories, novels and satires. The writing workshop was like a little time out: they were able to devote themselves to their stories, away from everyday issues, while being looked after at the Walhalla Hotel in Osnabrück. They will present sections of their stories at a public reading before the Easter vacations in 2019. Details will follow.

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Our theme in 2018: Going on a journey - in the direct and figurative sense

Living a different life. Going on journeys with the imagination. Understanding reality: Everything is possible in texts. Königsblau - the writing workshop of the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation" aims to teach how good texts are created. Travel companions during the four-day writing workshop are the writer Dennis Gastmann and the journalist and author Dr. Marie-Luise Braun.

Here we go!


Königsblau - the writing workshop of the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation - starts on October 8, 2018. Now, Managing Director Michael Prior (back, third from left) welcomed nine of the twelve participants. They got to know each other at the preliminary meeting at Villa Hecker and learned the first details about the four-day writing workshop.