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The LUPE music theater from Osnabrück has been developing and staging music theater plays with children, young people and adults for many years with great success. The Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation, as a cooperation partner for education, would like to give elementary school in Osnabrück the opportunity to carry out such a music theater project with the Musiktheater LUPE at their school. Musiktheater LUPE is an independent theater based in Osnabrück. In addition to the development and performance of its own plays for children and young people, produced on current topics, project work with children and young people is an important field of work. Since 1996, Katrin Orth and Ralf Siebenand have carried out about 120 projects with different age groups, including inclusive, international, intergenerational and in various social contexts. More info at:

Music theater project week at elementary schools

Within one week, the team of the music theater LUPE works on a play with up to 25 children from the age of 8 at your elementary school, which you select in consultation with the theater beforehand. The projects are suitable as inclusion projects. Children with special needs should participate in the projects as a class. The projects must be supported by a teacher who is present during the entire rehearsal and performance times. Project weeks take place during the first half of the year. Dates should be arranged directly with the LUPE, which has prepared an appropriate date selection list. As a conclusion, there will be a public performance for the parents (Saturday afternoon would be optimal) and a school performance (Monday morning). The school is responsible for organizing the rehearsal and performance venues, even if they are outside the school. It is important to clarify the support of the janitor (set-up and dismantling of the stage, seating, etc.) in advance. Contents of the project are - basics of theater work - developing and inventing theater scenes - learning, singing and choreographing songs The project-based theater work strengthens the self-confidence of the individual participants and the cohesion of the group as a theater team. It enables each participant to find "his place" in the theater production and in the group and to discover and show his own strengths. But most importantly: the work is a lot of fun! The Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation supports the elementary schools by covering over 90% of the costs for fees and materials, leaving a cost share of 300,-€ for the elementary school for the complete project week. The prerequisite for the assumption of costs and the implementation of the project week is the participation of the responsible teachers in the one-day workshop. From each school 1 to 2 persons can participate in the workshop. However, participants who are currently unable or unwilling to carry out a musical theater project week at their school are also very welcome. Participation in the workshop is free of charge!

Advanced training workshop for teachers: "Music theater work with children

In preparation for a music theater project week at your school, to get to know the theater work of the Music Theater LUPE or to try out theater and music pedagogical material and to be able to use it for your own work with children, the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation offers one-day advanced training for teachers with Katrin Orth and Ralf Siebenand from the Music Theater LUPE. Contents of this advanced training are: - "moving" warm-up and theater games - presentation of the project concept - development of a musical theater scene - methods for working out easy choreographies with children The workshop offers an insight into theater work and enables participants to exchange ideas and inquire with the workshop leaders about a potential project week, the prerequisites and requirements for it - and to get to know the team.

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