Hurly-Burly Garden Life with the class Sprint 1

3-day workshop in the project garden of TOP.OS - Verein für neue Kunst e.V.


Hurly-Burly Garden Life is the name for the projects/workshops sponsored by the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation and the City of Osnabrück, which will be offered in this garden on Limbergerstraße over the next two years. Hurly-burly, English expression for carnival or hustle and bustle, is a fitting term for the multifaceted events that will take place here.

Not only beautiful photos were taken at this first workshop of the new garden project, but much more was created by the students of the Sprint 1 class from May 15 to 17, 2019, under the artistic guidance of Eva Preckwinkel and Werner Kavermann. Many of the students* from the Sprint class came to Germany only at the end of last year, some had already attended a literacy course before, for the others it is the first German course. The language and integration project, or Sprint project for short, is a program set up by the state of Lower Saxony at vocational schools that is aimed at young refugees and young adults and is also open to other young migrants. German lessons are the main focus, and students also receive instruction in mathematics, social studies (introduction to regional culture and lifeworld) and vocational studies (introduction to professional and working life). The Sprint project runs until the summer vacations. Most of the students will then have the opportunity to continue learning German and prepare for vocational training in a language support class at the vocational school center in the next school year. The 3-day workshop with the artists Eva Preckwinkel and Werner Kavermann was a special offer for the students of ClassSprint 1, which promoted the creativity, manual dexterity, team spirit and language skills of the young people in a playful way and was able to give a small insight into different professions.

(Photos: TOP.OS-Verein für neue Kunst e.V.)