Intercultural Garden Sonneneck of the Mothers' Center Osnabrück e.V.

The project is supported by the non-profit association Mütterzentrum e.V. One of the focal points of the content is the joint work with and by mothers. In their view, women have the important social task of improving the opportunities and skills of their children and finding a better way together in their new home. The Mothers' Center itself sees itself as a "meeting place for women, mothers, children, fathers, grandmas and others who are concerned with children - no matter what country they come from." Using low-threshold counseling, participatory methods and the empowerment approach, the aim is to activate and strengthen the resources and potential of families, especially those with migration experience, and thus expand their opportunities for social participation.

The focus is on learning together, which is accompanied by a coordinated intercultural education and event program. Conversation courses to practice the language , PC courses for older people often single and lonely - but also qualification counseling for women is part of the daily offer. Mothers in particular are to be strengthened in their ability to bring up children and at the same time motivated to participate in the social and cultural life of Osnabrück. That is why lectures on puberty or sensible housekeeping, language or computer courses are just as important as concrete information and counseling appointments with the Job Center or the Youth Welfare Office as an open offer in the café - the program in the Mütze is as diverse as the visitors.

There are countless events and exhibitions that are taken up from everyday concerns and realized together. In addition to its own events, the Mothers' Center participates with its visitors in various events to promote intercultural coexistence, for example, on World Children's Day , Inter.Kult in September, Memorial Day against Violence against Women, as well as various markets and festivals in the urban community. The Mütterzentrum is known for an extraordinary, colorful cultural program , where many people from different countries of origin are encouraged to participate .


The project "Intercultural Garden



- Encourage children to be mindful of nature.

- Play, exercise and occupation in and with nature

- Strengthen responsibility for own small projects (own herb pot, sponsorship for flower bed or berry bush)

- Enable mothers and children to experience nature

- Appreciation and recognition of mutual help and support for joint implementation - cohesion through joint action

- Getting to know local fruit and vegetable species: cultivation, care, processing

- Practical and theoretical knowledge about the value of natural and fresh food, nutrition and cooking

- Exchange and experience of garden cultures from the countries of origin of the participants

- Promotion of interculturality in the allotment garden association

- Common celebrations, children and family parties and activities


Target groups: Women, parents, grandparents and others involved in children and education , as well as children, youth and groups especially with migration background.


Brief description: The garden is a plot in the allotment garden association "Süd" e.V. in Osnabrück. The allotment garden association is very supportive of the membership of the Mothers' Center and the idea of the "Intercultural Garden". In the meantime there are two plots next to each other with a total size of about 1000 square meters, which are leased by the Mütterzentrum. Together we want to cultivate the allotment garden, where there is room for children to play, but also for vegetables, shrubs, fruit and flowers. The kitchen garden should be a place of learning and experience for families and children, old and young, with and without migration background. We will learn to raise native plants and share what we harvest. We will work the plot together: Planting beds, pulling weeds, fertilizing naturally, planting and sowing and tending until we harvest. Then it's about nutrition and fresh food l as well as cooking and housekeeping on a budget. Of course, everything is natural and without chemicals. Active participation is desired: Anyone who loves nature and perhaps already has experience with growing vegetables and herbs, or simply wants to learn something new and useful, is welcome to join the garden group.

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