Touring exhibition On the road with Felix Nussbaum

Osnabrück, spring 2022

The traveling exhibition "On the Road with Felix Nussbaum" of the Felix-Nussbaum-Gesellschaft Osnabrück was developed to make the artist FelixNussbaum and the collection of his works better known. The low-threshold presentation and the mobility of the replicas are particularly significant: the works tour throughinternational galleries, town halls, churches, memorials, cultural institutions and schools. In this way, they address people in their respective contexts of life. In the exhibition venues, the exhibition is linked to a proactive confrontation with National Socialism and the experiences and forms of remembrance culture. In doing so, various references and questions are addressed, such as the history of National Socialism and the participation of the respective countries. The focus is on mediation work with young people. The exhibition locations planned for 2022/23 are Angers (France), Derby (England), Greifswald, Weimar, Hamburg and Frankfurt a.M..

Greeting by Michael Prior, spokesman of the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation, on the exhibition:

"Even though Felix Nussbaum's works have found something like a home in Osnabrück, the artist was a traveler throughout his life, who in the end became a driven man. His story, his belongings and his art in his luggage, he was on the road in Germany and Europe - and now we are sending him on another special journey from Osnabrück. Felix Nussbaum is coming to you as part of a traveling exhibition, wants to get in touch with you and offers the viewers of his art his story. What he has in his luggage is challenging and invites dialogue. "On the road with Felix Nussbaum" - we invite everyone to become his companions in the examination of his paintings.

We are currently living in difficult times. People are fleeing all over the world - also here in Europe. Warlike conflicts and hardships make countless people leave their homes in search of someone who will take care of them and their life story. In this way, borders become blurred and people who allow themselves to be touched grow together into a family. Felix Nussbaum has also been one of these people and sends you a unique sign of life through his art, so to speak, which wants to introduce you to him and let you share his special fate.

The Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation is based in Osnabrück and is sponsoring this traveling exhibition. In this context, "On the Road with Felix Nussbaum" is something like a postcard - a greeting from the city of the Peace of Westphalia, which celebrates its 375th anniversary in 2023. And with this "postcard" in the form of an exhibition, we cordially invite everyone to our city of peace, not least to meet Felix Nussbaum here while viewing his paintings - then in the original and in his home, the museum of the architect Daniel Libeskind. And I am sure that the encounter with Felix Nussbaum on site can touch people and make them return to their home country changed.

Thank you for allowing our traveling exhibition to reach you! "


Further information on the traveling exhibition and a travel diary can be found on the homepage of the Felix Nussbaum Society Osnabrück.